Fluffy Logic LCD style needlework

Disco Patrick at Fluffy Logic, Friday 21st October 2011

Fluffy Logic is, quite simply, the best club night I’ve ever been to. I fell in love with it at the first one and have supported and promoted it ever since – inviting fluffy new recruits, helping to create the decor, and talking about it here on the blog.

It’s therefore an absolute honour for me to announce that I will be warming up the dancefloor at their next party, the Fluffy Logic Autumnal Bumble, on Friday 21st October. For nearly a year I’ve been refining my music collection with this party in mind and I can’t wait to play some of More >


Planet Angel’s *Chilled* in a Field festival, Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th July 2011 – Disco Patrick’s first DJ set of the year!

I said back when I started this blog that the plan for this year was to get back into DJing. I’m now pleased to announce my first booking

Vintage Disco Patrick! My first 'proper' set at Planet Angel January 2004

And it’s quite appropriate that my first set in over a year should be for Planet Angel – my spiritual DJ home. I played my first ever ‘proper’ gig at this legendary club night in January 2004 at The Arches in London Bridge.

This July, however, I won’t be playing in a mental hot and sweaty club, but rather in the middle of a More >

Fluffy Logic LCD style needlework

Fluffy Logic – my favourite club night – good vibes and good House music

With just a few days to go to the next Fluffy Logic, it’s about time I blogged about this awesome club night – my favourite right now! As you can gather from the name, it’s a very fluffy party. What’s fluffy? That could fill an entire post on it’s own. For now, think friendly crowd, positive music, fancy dress, facepaint, and so on…

I love Fluffy Logic as an event name. I see it as a play on the saying ‘fuzzy logic’, like when you put 2 and 2 together and get 5. There’s certainly no requirement for straight thinking at More >

Follow the Faun logo

Follow the Faun

I’d like to tell you about Follow the Faun

Follow the Faun is quite possibly the most immense fun I’ve had while both a) leaving my clothes on, and b) not breaking the law!

It’s your chance to dance like nobody’s watching, to a soundtrack of unashamedly pumping house in a dance workshop led by Andy Black, aka The Faun.

Feel your inhibitions fall away as The Faun invites us all to follow his outrageous dance routines. He’ll give you simple ideas and inspiration that’ll have you creating your very own brand new dance moves, and remembering moves you’d long forgotten. The Faun More >

Sounds, colours and shapes!

A Guy Called Gerald at The Tube, Brighton Seafront, 12th March 2011

While I’m hotly anticipating the second Fluffy Logic party this Friday 25th March, there’s time to post some pictures of another pretty cool night I went along to recently.

My sister and I had travelled to Brighton to see Iron & Wine live at the Corn Exchange, but just before we went in we saw a poster for a 2 hour live set by A Guy Called Gerald. We both know of this producer through a very early dance music track from the late 80′s – one I picked up on vinyl when I first started collecting records around 1999.

Peter Cook and More >

Sam Beam aka Iron & Wine

Less drum machine, more tambourine – Iron & Wine at the Corn Exchange, Brighton, 9th March 2011

Anyone who’s heard one of my DJ sets over the last few years could be forgiven for assuming I was only into dirty breaks and electro house. I hope that with this blog I’m beginning to dispel any such myth!

Sam Beam aka Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine‘ sounds like it could be a band, but it’s actually just one guy – a singer-songwriter from Florida named Sam Beam. He makes folk music – perhaps even what’s known as ‘alt-country’. Over his many albums and EPs he’s used a range of musician line-ups, from collaborating with Calexico, to his own ‘bespoke’ More >

Cut Copy frontman Dan Whitford

Cut, Copied and Pasted – Cut Copy live at the Forum, 6th March 2011

Cut Copy

I’ve been telling everyone how awesome Australia’s Cut Copy are for some time now, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were coming to London.

For me, Cut Copy really capture the spirit of 80′s music, and their latest album Zonoscope is no different – the record is spilling over with synths, deep male vocals just like New Romanticists The Human League, and that well-produced sheen you got on 80′s pop records. The second single from the album is Take Me Over (Spotify, YouTube), a song about leaving your comfortable life behind and following your dreams… this seems to be a theme More >

Disco Patrick at Movimientos

Movimientos at Notting Hill Arts Club

This week I ventured out to West London for the first time in what must be years, to check out a night called Movimientos. The word itself is Spanish for ‘movements’, and is a reference to both dance and political movements. Past nights have included politically themed events with short film screenings and the like.

This night was all about the music though, and DJ’s Cal Jader & Arias started things off nicely with a mix of flavours of Latin-American music, none of which I can remember the names of… trust me though, it was good! You can hear some of their mixes More >