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Fluffy Logic LCD style needlework

Fluffy Logic – my favourite club night – good vibes and good House music

With just a few days to go to the next Fluffy Logic, it’s about time I blogged about this awesome club night – my favourite right now! As you can gather from the name, it’s a very fluffy party. What’s fluffy? That could fill an entire post on it’s own. For now, think friendly crowd, positive music, fancy dress, facepaint, and so on…

I love Fluffy Logic as an event name. I see it as a play on the saying ‘fuzzy logic’, like when you put 2 and 2 together and get 5. There’s certainly no requirement for straight thinking at More >

30 Day Song Challenge, day 5 – a song that reminds you of someone: The Thermals – ‘A Stare Like Yours’

I once had a very short, intense relationship. It was awesome for one night and then pretty much went downhill from there! This song reminds me of the good bit.

The Thermals are an awesome punk pop band from Portland, Oregon, USA. I guess they sound a little bit ‘emo’ at first, but don’t let that put you off – they do it tastefully! They are yet another band I discovered through the best record label in the world, Sub Pop, who’s website has a free download of A Stare Like Yours.

I saw the Thermals live earlier in 2011, though I’ve yet More >

30 Day Song Challenge, day 4 – a song that makes you sad: Little Dragon – ‘Twice’

If that’s left you feeling blue too, then have a listen to one of Little Dragon’s more upbeat songs: Looking Glass. This tune was the first of their’s I ever heard. This unofficial-looking video is actually on Little Dragon’s official YouTube page.

30 Day Song Challenge, day 3 – a song that makes you happy: Beck – ‘Funky Lil’ Song’

This song makes me happy

I found this track while searching for Beck tunes on eMusic. It’s fairly typical of Beck, but there’s more to it than first meets the eye… (or ear…)

It’s from Dimension Mix, a cover album of songs from Dimension 5 Records. The songs were originally written in the 60′s and 70′s by a duo named Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson, electronic music pioneers who primarily wrote for children – hence a lot of the songs are wacky and fun. The album introduced me to another couple of bands I now also like: The Apples In Stereo, and Oranger.

If you’re in the More >

30 Day Song Challenge, day 2 – your least favourite song: David Guetta feat. Akon – ‘Sexy Bitch’

If this song was around 15 years ago it would have infuriated me to the point where it could have quite easily spoiled the rest of my day. Thankfully, these days it just makes me think “what a pair of twats” and I can move on.

I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful.

It’s sad that this sort of attitude is not only accepted in music, but also respected by so many people around the world (this song hit number 1 in several countries). Akon is a wally, and David Guetta is a disgrace to House More >

30 Day Song Challenge, day 1 – your favourite song: Cut Copy – ‘Take Me Over’

Here’s my take on the 30 Day Song Challenge that’s been doing the rounds on Facebook. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it’s worth noting that it’s an ongoing thing and you can start on any day you like! So don’t feel like you’ve missed out if your friend is already on day 25.

To get started, go and ‘like’ the 30 Day Song Challenge community page, and read the rules to get each day’s prompt. Then use your Facebook status updates to share your songs. You can encourage friends to join in by including the link in your updates (tip: type @30 and hit More >